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    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the way romantic relationships are portrayed in the media isn’t representative of how they play out in real life. Rather than being glorious experiences filled with a succession of fairy tale moments, real relationships involve compromise, hard work and, above all else, honesty. That’s not to say that they aren’t also filled with glorious experiences and fairy tale moments — just that the less-than-pleasant aspects of romance aren’t always emphasized out there in world. So it’s no wonder that many people aren’t sure how to navigate these waters.

    Falling for Me author Anna David has spent years advising people about sex and relationships (as the sex, dating and relationship expert on G4’s Attack of the Show for three years and also on The Today Show, The Talk, The CBS Morning Show and various Fox News shows). Through that, she discovered that every question she fields is, at its core, about honesty. Whether people are asking about how to reveal interest, ways to break up, faking orgasms or anything else, the answer always comes down to figuring out the truth as well as the most comfortable way express it.

    “How to Fall in Love (with Yourself)” is the result of that realization. As she sees it, people struggle in romantic relationships for two main reasons: one, most of us were never taught how to have healthy relationships and two, we over-value our egos and thus our perception of what happens. Through examining her own history, David learned that she’d spent so long focusing on the other person in her relationships and what she believed that person’s behavior meant about her that she’d never looked at herself. And so she put together 8 steps, culled from Buddhist principles, Vedic principles, recovery principles and what she calls “getting in enough pain that you’re willing to change” principles, for people to follow. Her live show (and subsequent book), True Tales of Lust and Love, allowed comedians and writers to follow this process—and participate in one of LA’s biggest phenomenons at the same time. The performers in this much-heralded storytelling show publicly broke through their barriers and fears so that they could tell the truth about the painful, educational and sometimes just funny experiences they’d had in romance.

    “How to Fall in Love (with Yourself)” walks students through the process of taking themselves out of the victim role, having the sort of relationships they want and making themselves the hero or heroine of their stories.