How to Fall in Love (With Yourself)

For many years, every romantic relationship I was in or wanted to be in left me miserable and hopeless. Every dating and relationship book I read had the same message: DON'T BE YOU. Hide who you really are and you'll get the love you want.

That just made me feel worse.

And so I started studying Buddhist, Vedic, recovery and what I like to call getting-in-enough-pain-so-that-you’ll-change principles. Through that I rather accidentally became a relationship expert—doling out advice on The Today Show, The Talk, The CBS Morning Show and everywhere else and writing about relationships for The New York Times, The LA Times, and Playboy, among many other publications. Through this, I heard about the relationship troubles of thousands of people. And through combining what I'd learned from the masses with the spiritual principles I'd studied, I was able to see that everyone had the same problem: they were looking at their relationships without perspective. The solution, I found, was to re-examine the past from a new lens in order to reframe the future (and present).

Why, I wondered, weren't any of the dating books saying this? Why were they all about rules, calling in the one and getting to I do? Why were they giving us information that wasn't only wrong but also made us feel worse?

Once I realized this, I got fired up. I wrote six books in six years about relationships, one of which became a New York Times bestseller and one, Falling For Me, which documented a lot of this process. I started a storytelling show, True Tales of Lust and Love, that allowed comedians and writers the cathartic experience of doing a version of this from the stage. I developed a keynote talk on the topic and toured the country giving it. I became a certified life coach so I could work with people one-on-one.

This course breaks the process down all of that into eight simple to follow steps, all available in video, audio and PDF form. It's a course that is personalized for every individual who takes it and provides a path for changing the neural pathways that have caused us pain. It shows us, in short, how to fall in love with ourselves so we're actually available for the relationships we want.

This is a medically proven process, backed up by psychiatrists who have prescribed it for their patients. As board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Joshua Lichtman says, "All the patients I’ve guided through Anna’s 8-step process have had dramatic shifts in both state of mind and success in relationships."

Jam packed with bonuses (including two weeks of daily meditations), How to Fall in Love (With Yourself) has a 7-day money-back guarantee. Try it out and if you try the process and it doesn't work, you can get a full refund. This process is for the people who want it—and want to see their lives change as a result of it.

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Step 1 - How to Fall in Love (With Yourself)

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Step 2 - How to Fall in Love (With Yourself)

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Step 3 - How to Fall in Love (With Yourself)

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Step 4 - How to Fall in Love (With Yourself)

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Step 5 - How to Fall in Love (With Yourself)

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Step 6 - How to Fall in Love (With Yourself)

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Step 7 - How to Fall in Love (With Yourself)

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